A Letter to Myself

Please forget the 38 cents currently in your bank account and the fact you just lost your job. Congratulations because in the next few days you will be starting a business that will thrive and grow over the next four years. You may be surprised to hear this but you will capture many Weddings, Portraits, and Special events. This business will give you the chance to see and explore places like Japan and Iceland. Don’t worry you are about to start something great that will grow beyond any expectation you can currently imagine.

Don’t be afraid of each new challenge or obstacle that will come your way because you will grow through each experience. I know it is scary to start now when the odds seem stacked against you but trust me it’s perfect timing and while it will take arduous work this will be a great adventure. Don’t wait for the perfect time because there is no such thing. Trust your instincts and no matter what anyone else thinks or as crazy as it sounds “You are going to start a business”.  You will see your photos featured in Newspapers like the Orlando Sentinel. You will also equally smile seeing your friends update their profile and cover photos to pictures that you took. Take the leap and start it. Forget the obstacles currently in your path or the way other people may downplay what you are trying to accomplish. Build it Now!

Go out there and create and don’t be afraid because each new Wedding or Event will be an experience you will never forget. After all of your years performing onstage it’s time to see life through a lens and understand just how precious life is. You are about to see and experience love in a new way. Soon your lens will be capturing your nieces first baby photo. Soon you will watch an 80-year-old couple say “I do”. Soon you will be in other countries experiencing life in a whole new way. Take the chance to build something great.. Go ahead and stare fear square in the face because Weece Productions will grow far beyond what you expect. Take a chance. Build that website. Buy the Equipment. Travel. Laugh. Love. One day soon I promise you will look back at this company you started and feel a profound sense of pride not for what you have done alone but what so many people helped you build. So, go ahead and dare to believe in Weece Productions. I did.

Written By Erik Weece