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Meet The Owners

Not Every Relationship ends with a brand new Nikon but luckily enough for me one did. Couple that with the support of my brother in Law David Rosario who believed in my vision and Weece Productions was born. Since then I have been more than pleased with the progress as word of mouth continues to spread. It's amazing to me that a camera that used to sit in the corner of my room gathering dust has opened me up to a world I never knew. My Brother In Law David (below) handles all of Post Production for the entire company and does a great job at focusing on the customers wants and needs. He also handles all of the Finances which gives me the opportunity to constantly shoot through out the week, meet up with clientele, and network throughout the Central Florida Community. 

     I am excited about the growth of our Videography Department this year as we prepare to head to Tokyo, Japan. Our goal is to continue to build our Portfolio as well as create our very first short film to submit to foreign film festivals in 2017. We are grateful to all of our loyal customers who continue to build our company through word of mouth. We have learned so much from you so far and we will continue to build our brand with passion knowing that with out you none of this would be possible.

Book Now @ WeeceProductions@gmail.com  or request a free list of our current Photography and Videography Packages. 

Written By Erik Weece